2014-15 Grant Recipients

Marching Band Fall Competition

The Edwardsburg High School Marching Band requested funds for the 120-member band to participate in multiple performances in the Michigan Competitive Band Association competition in the fall of 2014. The performances required a resonating theme with the execution of difficult music. Such participation required more practice time and more difficult sectionals with finalists given the opportunity to perform at Ford Field in Detroit. Grant Award: $1,000.

Robotics Project with Elementary Students

The Edwardsburg High School Robotics Team requested funds for its community outreach program, to work with second and third grade students to construct  robots to compete in a competition as part of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activities. The project included 80 elementary students, each with a high school buddy and involved 110-120 students overall. Each student group received a ‘brushbot kit.’ They were to construct their brushbot with robotics team members who were to engage the younger students in discussions on the function of the battery powered motor, motion, and design of the brushbots.  The brushbots then were to be entered in a tournament focusing on power, motion and design of the products.  Grant Award: $750.

Cook Nuclear Plant Tour

Teacher Lisa Jacobson requested funds to transport the fourth graders from the Edwardsburg Intermediate School to the Cook Nuclear Plant in Bridgman, Michigan. The purpose was for students to learn how nuclear power is used to produce electricity. A picnic on the grounds of the Cook plant was included. Grant Award: $800.

Children’s Literature Experience

First Grade Teacher Margaret Sevison requested transportation funds so her class could participate in a college children’s literature class at Southwestern Michigan College in Dowagiac. The project was to engage first graders and college students in learning experiences regarding literature. A tour of the school was to be included. Grant Award: $70.

Earth Day Project

Monies were requested for first graders in the Edwardsburg Primary School to receive a white pine sapling, the Michigan state tree) or equivalent. They would be given instructions on how to take home, plant, protect, and care for the sapling as part learning about the environment and the benefits of trees. Project was part of an Earth Day 2015 commemoration. Grant Award: $100.

Skype Videoconference Equipment

An upgraded webcam, microphone, and extra-long USB cables were requested by High School Social Studies Teacher Jeff Kozinski to enhance the Skype Videoconference experience for social studies students. Kozinski uses Skype Videoconferences with various professionals and panels in Texas, Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Washington, D.C.; Israel, Chile, Hong Kong, Germany, Sweden, and Ecuador. The equipment was intended to enhance the ability of student participation in the experience by improving audio quality. Grant Award: $150.00

Drop-Out Challenge/On-Track Graduation

The purpose of monies for this grant request is to increase the numbers of high school students who graduate by helping those in the Alternative Education Learning Center set goals to complete course requirements, recover lost credits, and to help them graduate on time. The school district tries to offer tangible rewards for students, including tangible incentives for completion of their course requirements. As students experience success they are more motivated to learn, their self-respect and self-esteem improve, both are which incentives to finish what is started. Gift card incentives are small tokens to commend the students for keeping their focus and rewarding them for their success. This grant would provide $50 gift cards to a targeted 18 students in this program. Grant Award: $1,000.